Unterschied zwischen Liposomales und Wasserführendes CBD Öl

Unterschied zwischen Liposomales und Wasserführendes CBD Öl

The Liposomal and the Aqueous CBD Oil are both a variant of the CBD oil and are both a blend with the hemp plant as the base ingredient. In both cases, the CBD oils have a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and calming effect. These oils have the same good effect, for example with migraines, muscle pain, MS, rheumatism, chronic pain, sleep disorders and anxiety. However, there are some differences in usage and effects.

Liposomal and water-bearing CBD oil

One difference between the two CBD oils is that the Aqueous CBD is water-based. This means that the Aqueous CBD is fully and quickly assimilated/absorbed by the body. You can also mix this oil with water, tea and other beverages. Liposomal oil contains liposomes. These liposomes transport the CBD deep into the skin and is also absorbed into the blood vessels. In this way, the inflammation (or where it is needed) is easily and quickly reached.

Taste Liposomal and hydrous CBD oils

As many already know, the original CBD oil has a well-known strong taste. The taste of liposomal oil does not differ significantly from that of traditional CBD oil. The same does not apply to the water-carrying oil. Since it is water-based and can be mixed with other drinks, the strong CBD flavor is not present. Users often find this convenient.

More information about the CBD products and the effects of the oil

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