Wie wirkt CBD Öl?

CBD oil is becoming more and more popular and well-known, but how does CBD oil actually work? Which CBD oil applications do we know? What ailments does CBD oil work against? And what does CBD oil do for you personally? In our blog with the Certificates of Analysis we informed you about the ingredients of CBD. In this blog  we will tell you more about the effects of CBD oil .

CBD Oil Effect: Against pain and for the relief of psychological complaints

Effect CBD Oil | CBD oil works against pain and relieves the symptoms of both physical and psychological ailments. Because CBD oil is taken as a dietary supplement, the exact effects of CBD oil can vary from person to person. It may therefore be that some people experience the CBD oil effects stronger, faster and better than others.

CBD effect against anxiety disorders and stress

CBD effectagainst anxiety disorders or stress can affect your life in an unpleasant way, especially if you are confronted with it frequently. What is meant is not the fear that you experience as a natural reaction to imminent danger in the outside world, but rather anxiety disorders as a consequence of a psychological imbalance. In this case, fear and panic are triggered from within. This can have various causes, e.g. B. a predisposition to nervousness or inheritance of a low resistance to stress, which makes it easier for you to worry and find it harder to relax. CBD oil then has a beneficial effect on body and mind, helping you to relax and allowing you to calm down. The cannabinoids in CBD oil are recognized by your body as endogenous cannabinoids, because our body itself uses endo-cannabinoids (endo = body) to control processes in the body. The cannabinoids in CBD oil help your body control stress responses and help you relax and calm down.

CBD against insomnia

Good sleep is an essential part of good health. Conversely, poor sleep can lead to many different physical and psychological ailments. CBD oil is excellent for insomnia because it naturally relaxes your body. CBD has a balancing effect, brings more balance to your body and reduces stress reactions. This automatically improves your night’s sleep as well. Use CBD oil to relax your body and get a good night’s sleep.

CBD oil for pain

CBD oil works against pain because the powerful substance in CBD is also responsible for the pain-relieving properties of cannabis. To explain this, let’s go back to the endo-cannabinoid system (ECS) in our body. The ECS is made up of receptors that are found throughout the body, such as in our brain and immune system. CBD can ensure that the pain stimuli that are sent to the brain via the receptors are perceived less intensely. The pain is still there, but much less noticeable. For people with chronic pain, CBD works great as a pain reliever. CBD brings relief and helps against pain in chronic diseases such as Crohn’s disease, asthma, arthritis, allergies or chronic back pain.

How to use CBD oil?

Would you like to experience the beneficial effects of CBD yourself? Are you curious how and to what extent CBD oil can help relieve your pain and reduce your symptoms? Then start with a low dose of CBD drops and build up day by day. In this way you can gradually find the most suitable dosage for you personally. Start with a bottle of 2.5% or 5% CBD and slowly increase the number of drops per day. Please note that it may take a while before you feel the effects of CBD oil.

Rest assured: CBD oil is not addictive. In addition, you cannot get high with our CBD products.

Read more about the ingredients of CBD oil in our previous blog .


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