Hanföl Anwendung

Hanföl Anwendung

Hemp Oil Application | Hemp oil is another name we use for CBD oil or cannabis oil. The hemp oil relieves pain, inhibits inflammation and has a calming effect. Hemp oil is used for various physical problems. Hemp oil can also be used for internal turmoil. You can also use hemp oil for anxiety or depression. Hemp oil can be used as a support for problems of this type. Supporting your health is the #1 reason we offer Hemp Oil.

CBD oil application

As just explained, we also call hemp oil CBD oil. The exact scope of CBD oil is very wide. It may be that you have chronic pain, that you have pain in certain areas of your body where this oil can be used. Some examples where CBD oil can be used are: migraines, flu, after exercise, stress, sleep disorders, hay fever, depression, etc. CBD oil use is different for everyone and can help with many other physical problems.

Different types of hemp oils and hemp oil application

We offer different types of hemp oil. Hemp oil can be bought in different percentages. We also offer hemp oil in different forms. Of course we offer the traditional hemp oil in different percentages. In addition, we also offer the same hemp oil in capsule form. Another CBD variant we offer are the hemp oil / CBD gold variants. This variant is the purest hemp oil available. The oil is extracted free of THC. The aqua/aqueous hemp oil is a variant that can be mixed with other drinks. That’s why the taste is less strong. Also, the oil is water based and therefore the oil will be absorbed faster. In addition to the various oils mentioned, there are also ointments with hemp oil.

How to use hemp oil?

Hemp Oil Application | You can use the hemp oil that we offer in different ways.

  1. If you buy the oil as drops , you can simply put it under the tongue. You can swallow the oil after half a minute.
  2. You can take the hemp oil capsules with a glass of water.
  3. You can also use the aqua/aqueous hemp oil under the tongue and mix and drink with your favorite beverage.
  4. If you have skin problems, the hemp oil ointments can be applied to your skin.

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